Devon Mediation Service

Improving lives through helpful conversations

Disagreements with neighbours, colleagues, family or friends can be difficult and distressing. Most of us have disagreements with others from time to time but sometimes conflict can build up and relationships start to break down. If this happens, Devon Mediation Service can help.

Our mediators are completely impartial. They will talk over the issues with you and help everyone involved to look for solutions and a possible way forward. Mediation is voluntary and confidential.

Devon Mediation Service is a charitable organisation; we have been helping people resolve disagreements since 1997. We mediate across Devon (except North Devon), Somerset and North Cornwall.

What sort of problems can be mediated?

Here at Devon Mediation Service we mediate about many different issues. These include disagreements with neighbours such as property boundaries, high hedges, noise, smells, car parking and shared spaces.

We also mediate with people who find themselves in conflict with colleagues at work or in serious disagreements with close friends or family.

People often feel wary at first because conflict can build up over time and in a way that makes problems feel almost impossible to solve. However, our mediators can help you find options and solutions that might not have been seen before.

  • I find this service absolutely fantastic

  • Devon Mediation do a fine job of resolving these issues. ……In my experience mediation is the most effective way of resolving … disputes.

  • people who actually listened: they were a pleasure to meet