Devon Mediation – helping resolve disagreements and disputes across Devon and Somerset

Disagreements with neighbours, colleagues at work or other individuals can be difficult and distressing.  Most people have disagreements with others from time to time, sometimes with people they know well.

Conflict can build up so that solutions seem very hard to find.  Mediation can often help find the answers.

About Devon Mediation

Devon Mediation is a charitable, not-for-profit service (Charity Registration Number: 1071170) with a network of approximately 30 volunteer mediators. Most of our referrals are from organisations such as housing associations, council housing officers and the police. We also welcome enquiries from individuals wishing to explore the option of mediation.

Devon Mediation has been helping resolve disagreements for over 20 years now. Our mediators are trained and impartial. Devon Mediation now also covers most of Somerset.

Barnstaple and Torridge District are covered by Northern Devon Community Service which you can find at http://www.ndcmediation.org/

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