Organisations making referrals

Mediation with tenants and service users

Devon Mediation receives some referrals from organisations which use and support mediation regularly in their work with tenants or service users.  Some organisations have an annual contract with Devon Mediation Service which allows them to refer an agreed number of disputes to the Service during the year.  Other organisations undertake to pay for work on a case-by-case basis.

Such arrangements mean that staff are able to make referrals confident that their organisation will support the mediation.  Where an arrangement exists, staff making a referral should contact Devon Mediation, explaining that they are making contact under the terms of an existing agreement to pay for mediation.  If you are in doubt about whether your organisation has made arrangements with Devon Mediation, the DMS office will be able to tell you if such an arrangement is in place.

Entering into an agreement with DMS helps organisations get a speedier and more efficient service from Devon Mediation.  It also helps DMS maintain its core services – crucial for a charitable organisation with very few overheads.  Devon Mediation is able to meet with relevant staff to explain how to make the best use of mediation services and how DMS works to seek the best interests of the organisation’s clients, tenants or customers.

Devon Mediation welcomes new enquiries from organisations interested in setting up an agreement to make use of mediation services.

See also information about mediation in the workplace – how mediation can help organisations when there is a disagreement between colleagues.